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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a loan?

It's easy, you can:

  • Call us
  • Email us
  • Fill in the contact form

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We will connect you with the best team member or broker to assist you.

Do you also use mortgage brokers?

You have the choice to deal with us direct, or to use your preferred mortgage broker (if your broker is not accredited we can fix that in 10 minutes). Either way you will get great service, and you will get the same interest rate and fees.

How do I find a broker that works with you?

Call or email us and we will connect you.

How big a property will you arrange finance for?

We are not driven by the size of the property. We are driven by what you intend to use the property for. So, some properties may only be 5 acres, while another may be 500. So long as you are going to use it for residential purposes we will consider it.

The property that I am looking at does not have all the services that a town block has, is this OK?

Yes. So long as the services available are consistent with the area, there is good resale demand, and the usage will be residential (we don’t mind if you have a few four-legged lawn mowers either).

What purpose can I borrow for?

You can borrow to buy or refinance a property that is wholly or predominantly used for residential purposes. If you have strong equity we will consider a loan to cash out some of this equity and the amount required will determine what paperwork we will need from you

We want to run some stock on the property, is this OK?

We are OK with the property generating up to around $20,000 per year, but we will not use any income generated from the property when we assess your ability to pay the loan.

Are your loans available nationally?

Not currently. For now, we only provide loans in Victoria, NSW, ACT, and Queensland.

Do you have towns or cities in these areas that you don't provide loans for?

No, our focus is on the individual borrower, the property, and its saleability. So, while we don’t have restrictions by town, we may have by property. IF you send us the real estate listing link we can give you an idea if we can assist you.

Do you finance vacant land and construction?

At present we only do this in a small number of selected locations.

I don't have a great credit history, can I still get a loan?

We would take a higher level of care at the outset. If it is just too many enquiries on your credit file we may consider you. But we prefer that you have a good credit history.

Do you do loans with Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI)?

While we may consider this for some properties, the general answer is no, LMI is not available.

If I have equity in another residential property, can you use this instead of cash as a deposit?

You certainly can. But if there is an existing mortgage on the property we will require that it be refinanced at the same time.

Can I get a loan if it is to be an investment property?

Most people buying these properties are buying them for their own use. But if you are (for example) buying the ideal property now to relocate to in 5 years this is OK, so long as the use of the property is for residential purposes.

Do you do loans in company names?

We will consider loans in company names where it makes sense.

I am an owner builder, can you assist me?

Sorry, no

The property I am buying can be redeveloped, is this OK?

When we get a valuer to assess the property the valuer will determine the best use of the property. If the valuer say’s that the property is a development site we will not be able to assist with the purchase.